• What is a courier?

    Couriers are called by a number of different names. For example, they are also referred to as messengers, delivery persons, or even personal assistants. Simply put, they deliver things from one location to another.

  • What do couriers do?

    Couriers pick up anything you wish delivered from one location, and deliver it to another. It does not matter what it is you wish delivered. And it does not matter where it is that it is picking up from or going to. If you need it there fast, a courier is

  • How is the delivery price determined?

    The price of delivery is determined by several factors. Most important is the base rate, which is calculated based on the mileage between the pickup address and delivery address. We then adjust this depending on whether you are selecting our standard four

  • Is there anywhere that you do not deliver?
    We can deliver anywhere in the Continental United States. It must, of course be accessible by a vehicle. Now keep in mind that we are based in San Diego. So while we love making deliveries going to or coming from San Diego to anywhere in the country... if
  • Is there anything that you will not deliver?

    Generally speaking, we will deliver just about anything. Some exceptions: Illegal goods, items that are not legal to transport, or anything that would violate the law in some manner.

  • Must I box or package the items that I want to send somewhere by courier?

    No, this is not necessary. While in some circumstances it might be a good idea to do so, it is not required. Our couriers are great at taking good care of everything that they are delivering.

  • Do you accept checks?

    Yes. We accept checks from any business, or from private individuals with an established order history of three or more deliveries.

  • Must someone be present at the pick-up and delivery locations?

    This is entirely up to you. As a general policy, we require a signature on delivery. However, at the client's require we can pick up from, or deliver to, any safe location.